Radical F5

Radical F5 Trimmer

EUR 200,000.00 excl. VAT

Processing capacity: 500 to 700 kg / h wet!

  • Cutting performance 500 to 700 kg / h (wet)
  • Made in Spain with high quality components from Germany, duralumin “Inox Aisi 304”
  • Long-cut tumbler measuring 120 x 51.5 cm, reinforced with tips made of 304 stainless steel
  • Anti-wear steel blade
  • Industrial motors 380v, for smooth, safe and continuous work without overheating
  • Rotation speed of the tumbler freely adjustable. System for height adjustment of the top tube. 6 blades independently adjustable
  • Easy cleaning, with water pressure-resistant shielded motors, machine can be dismantled within 1 min
  • Top and side cover that hides all moving parts of the machine. Independent safety on / off switch for the blade
  • Minimal operating noise
  • Easily transportable suction device
  • Suspension for independent sacks to catch the leaf material
  • Independent box for 2 modules each for connecting the extractor. Hoses for connecting the machine to the extractor, extractor and extractor bag


Input voltage 380V / 50Hz (Europe)
Current consumption 7.9 A (Europe)
Bucket motor 3 HP, ventilated
Motor (tumbler) 1.5 HP / 50hz - ventilated
Weight 150 kg
Length 120 cm
Width with wheels 100 cm
Height with wheels 150 cm


Motor power 9PS 380V / 50Hz
Current consumption 7.5A
Number of bags 1
Intake flow 8000
Weight 120 kg