Cleaning the machine

Machine cleaning

Clean machines are important.

No matter what brand or type of machine you're using or will soon be standing by.

When do you have to clean the machine?

  • When a new charche is harvested
  • Before or after a transport
  • When the resin slows the machine

However, this somewhat cumbersome task can be handled efficiently and hygienically with the right means. Only then do you get the maximum out of the machines and contribute decisively to the quality of your end product. We are happy to explain step by step, what belongs to the machine maintenance.

First, we recommend the following basic equipment:

  • Vacuum
  • High pressure water heater (with water, electricity, water softener and diesel)
  • plaster fuel
  • Window cleaner
  • Spatula / blade / scraper
  • Fiber-free cloth
  • Household Paper
  • Clean, protected, easy-care, well-ventilated and well lit environment

Cleaning the tumbler

The important thing here is that you work neatly and do not scratch the tumbler coating.

  1. Use vacuum cleaner to remove the coarsest plant residues
  2. Bath with hot water / spirit mixture to remove encrustation
  3. Scrub with cleaning brushes (IMPORTANT: Not too bad, otherwise the Quantanium coating may be scratched!)
  4. Repeat as necessary until everything is clean
  5. Drying
  6. Mount (oil screws / threads before mounting)

Blade Cleaning

The important thing here is that your hands and arms are not hurt. And grease protects the sharpened blade from rust!

  1. Let residue on blade with alcohol soak slightly
  2. Wipe off the coarsest resin residues with Schwam
  3. Remove residue with scraper and spatula
  4. Clean the blade with alcohol
  5. Grease blade to prevent corrosion (Get Food Machine Grease!) This is food safe and protects against corrosion Available in practical spray cans.
  6. Adjust assembly. IMPORTANT: Be sure to manually test if the blade is correctly positioned. Consider the manufacturer's specifications!

plastic parts Cleaning

Plastic parts are often safety-related covers. These will become somewhat fragile over time.

  1. Remove residual particles with vacuum cleaner
  2. Pre-clean with cleaning jerk and allow to dry
  3. Use window cleaner to remove any traces left
  4. Reinstall parts immediately to prevent loss and damage.

Metal parts cleaning

Pay attention to your hands, back and legs at the nooks and crannies of the machine(s).

  1. Use vacuum cleaner to remove the coarsest remaining parts of the plant
  2. Clean with coarse spray and leave to dry
  3. Clean with Window Cleaner
  4. Drying
  5. Mounting (before screwing all machine parts we recommend to oil all threads with food machine grease)

We provide you the service

We also offer cleaning kits for DIY.

Cleans your machines so that cultural assets, environmental protection and infrastructure have long-term quality, efficiency and value! If all the tips are followed, then investing in the machinery will be worthwhile. We are happy to take over this work for you. We are happy to help! This work is important.