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Adrian Merz CEO

Urs Kundert CEO
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On demand machinery - your harvesting machinery!

Growing is great. Interesting. Profitable. A future market.

Everything revolves around the growing of the plant and one is happy when the time comes. Cut everything off and ...

Then yes?? Remove the nutrient leaves, strain, peel flowers. It is sticky and boring and lasts forever. In addition the time pressure of the mold danger!

There are the machines. These will continuously support further sub-processes of the harvest. And so that the next problems do not arise, we will take care of this for you as much as possible. We rent, sell, repair, clean, build machines. We are the machine specialists for your grow business. And productive, genetically stable and beautiful cuttings are also available. We support your harvest from A-Z!

The ODM story

ODM (on demand machinery GmbH) was originally founded in the summer of 2017 under the name "on demand worker GmbH" by Urs Kundert and Ady Merz.

And there is still much to do :)


The 2nd branch of ODM. Italy! Absolutely great, it just keeps getting better! At the same time, the kilometer record with machine transport by land ...


Our workshop. Finally space for everything!

Plus the first branch in the EU! Austria gives full throttle with us ...


In 2019, not only the Canadians and the Americans came to meet us with great machines.

In Switzerland, our long-awaited workshop was finally opened in Villmergen. The shelter for man and machine (after a long delivery trip the probably coolest place on earth). And Austria began to enter the industry and thus it also came to the newly established branches.


However, the tireless efforts of the day, night, wind and weather of the founders Urs and Ady is the driving force behind the success.

Innovation, endless cramping and perseverance are still tangible qualities that bring a business close to its customers. And still almost every hard-earned cent is reinvested, in favor of a great future.

Almost all of the industry's big players have already gained positive experience with our machinery.


With the idea of a recruitment agency for harvest workers, we did not get very far ...

because we fought for fair wages and could not enforce the price expectations. By the way, still rent machines.

But the latter became more ...

Much more even. The two founders soon supplied the whole of Switzerland and became a cult operation in the CBD industry.
The powerful machines - which relieved numerous workers in grow rooms and plantations of scrap and battered hands - have triggered a small undisputed boom.

ODM Switzerland

Oberdorfstrasse 1
CH-5612 Villmergen
+41 75 414 04 14

ODM Austria

Hubertusweg 17
AT-9871 Seeboden
+43 650 7701810

ODM Italy

Contrada Caselle-Tisi II Trav., SNC
IT-73042 Casarano
+39 334 122 57 09

ODM France

Domaine des Garrigues
FR-34800 Aspiran/Montpellier
+33 613 672 685

ODM Germany

+43 650 7701810