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Special Offer for Cannabis-Social Clubs in Germany

We offer to all German Cannabis-Social-Clubs 4.20% Less on all machines (excl. Mobius, Triminator) und LED's!

Federal government cannabis draft

Cannabis draft of the federal government - Draft of a law for the controlled use of cannabis and to change other regulations.  /28.04.2023
(Cannabisgesetz – CannG)
Download: Gesetzentwurf-Cannabis-Entwurf der Bundesregierung (PDF/DE)

Cannabis decriminalization law assigned to parlament

Lauterbach initiates decriminalization  /28.04.2023 (DE ONLY)
Read morel (DE)

Home cultivation and pilot projects

Home cultivation and pilot projects - Federal government agrees on key points on cannabis.
The "Key point paper" from the press conference on 12. April 2023 (DE ONLY)
Download (PDF/DE)

The complete press conference on video

Legalization of Cannabis: Press release of Lauterbach & Özdemir - BPK | 12. April 2023 (DE ONLY)
To the video! (DE)


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