Repare and service

We repair all CBD harvesting machines!

We clean, replace, assemble, modify and test almost all grow machines.

We also offer advice, cost estimates etc., regardless of the brand. We have some spare parts in stock and can repair many machine types quickly and easily.

Ideally call shortly before and pick up the machine from us or come visit us in the workshop!

Problems? Enter repair request here!

Please read our terms and conditions!

ODM Switzerland

Oberdorfstrasse 1
CH-5612 Villmergen
+41 75 414 04 14

ODM Austria

Hubertusweg 17
AT-9871 Seeboden
+43 650 7701810

ODM Italy

Contrada Caselle-Tisi II Trav., SNC
IT-73042 Casarano
+39 334 122 57 09

ODM France

Domaine des Garrigues
FR-34800 Aspiran/Montpellier
+33 613 672 685

ODM Germany

+43 650 7701810


  • brand-independent
  • flexible
  • Reliable
  • uncomplicated
  • competently
  • Many spare parts in stock
  • Pick-up and delivery service