Years of experience

With many years of experience, the constant contact with numerous machine manufacturers and CBD producers, we have been able to bring together a lot of knowledge.

We would like to make this accessible to you after extensive clarifications. Whatever brand or process you want to track, here are some general information.


It's business as usual to us discussing trends with a variety of customers.

In our all-day delivery we meet our customers in person. Companies of all kinds, as you can imagine. Gardeners, farmers, hobby growers and of course scientists also. So a huge know-how have arisen over the years.


We represent almost all well-known machine brands for the CBD harvest.

We are the machine freaks of trust. We are always learning more, new ones, as well as a wide variety of constructions, metal connections and motors. If & nbsp; your something to repair , search or found have, discuss it with us. It's always interesting. Depending on the workflow, budget and processing volume, the mechanics are decisive. And we are looking for the coolest developments internationally and are happy to pass the benefits on to our valued customers.

With us, every screw, no matter how unimportant, is checked and implemented for function, security, originality, hygiene, greasing and completeness.

We also have many new machines and the corresponding spare parts in stock, which is always very popular in time-critical moments. Delivery delays, currently a common problem, are prevented in advance whenever possible.


We procure our machines internationally.

We are slowly but surely familiar with the security guidelines, customs formalities, endless transport routes, etc. Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, USA, Canada etc.

That the logistics can deliver as free as possible, super-ecological, legal and lightning-fast remains an art that can be exposed to new situations every hour and requires extremely flexible adjustments.

This also shapes our hard-earned customer trust every day.

And yes of course: If someone does not have a driver's license or is short of time, the machines are very often delivered by the ODM boss personally ; )