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We sell CBD harvesting machines all over Europe at manufacturer's price!

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  • Ready assembled and tested with plug of your choice (CH, AT only)
  • Including personal advice & instruction (CH, AT only)
  • Service and spare parts are available from us (throughout Europe)

Trimming Advices

Valuable tips for successfully processing your flowers!

When you buy a Centurion machine you get a wet and a dry tumbler! In any case, you will also find some great tips here, which will bring your harvest and especially its preparation determined on course.

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ODM 30% Rental Action

Now all rental machines with 30% discount!

With the promotion you will benefit from the daily rent of 30%! This is your opportunity for a magnificent harvest.

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Autumn machines now!

Do you already have the machine park for the autumn harvest?

Do not forget to order the machines on time! We have many machines and there are more and more. However, availability may not be secure for a long time. Let us advise you!


  • Sufficiently dimensioned machines for every application
  • Also at short notice, over weekends or holidays
  • Simply calculable
  • delivery
  • Perfectly maintained machines
  • instruction
  • consultation
  • CE certified Centurion machines (work safety!)
  • No cleaning drives on the machine side
  • Saved storage space


Plant now!

ODM now distributes the cuttings you need. 10 house types to choose from. Great prices, great genetics and we also can deliver it to your required place!

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We repair all CBD harvesting machines!

  • Centurion
  • Twister
  • Master Trimmer
  • Trimpro
  • DTC
  • MunchMachine

We clean, replace, assemble, modify and test. Also cost estimates, coffee, etc., we are happy to offer.

Register by phone and visit us in our workshop in Villmergen (CH)!

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  • brand-independent
  • flexible
  • Reliable
  • uncomplicated
  • competently
  • CenturionPros and MunchMachines are all spare parts in stock!

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