Radical F2

Radical F2 Trimmer

EUR 9'500.00 excl. vat.

A powerful and durable machine with a work table on which we can place up to 2 kg of green flowers to work comfortably, which facilitates the feeding of the machine.

  • Processing capacity 12 to 14 kg / hour in green and dry 6 kg.
  • Inexpensive including high quality and precise components
  • Easy to transport
  • Ergonomic work
  • Safety at work
  • Can be combined with F2 and F3
  • Blades and tumbler individually and flexibly adjustable
  • Diameter tumbler 90 cm
  • 5 years warranty

Due to its small size and lightness, it can be easily transported from harvest to harvest. We facilitate your processes easily, conveniently and quickly for a high quality result. The chassis is made of duralumin and 304 stainless steel. Reliable 1 hp industrial motor with wear-resistant steel blade ensure smooth, safe and continuous work. Without overheating (own fan) to disperse the heat of the blade. The blade is mounted on bearing supports is UCFL 200 series standardized with independent grease gun, so that even 200-hour use can be dustproof and waterproof. In addition, a regulator that raises and lowers the blade. The stainless steel tube running on acetal wheels provides maximum control over the appearance of the product.


  • Tubes for connecting the machine to the extractor (1 unit)
  • Connection for the tubes (1 unit)
  • Extractor and extractor bag (2 units)
  • Upper material filler tray


Input voltage 230V / 50Hz (Europe)
Power consumption 7.9A (Europe)
Blade motor 1 HP, ventilated
Tubular motor (tumbler) 1 / 25HP / 50hz - ventilated, larger than other manufacturers
Weight 65 kg
Length 90 cm
Width with wheels 35 cm
Width without wheels 35 cm
Height with wheels 70 cm
Height without wheels 70 cm


Motor power 3hp single phase 230v / 50hz
Power consumption 4.8 A
Number of bags 1
Intake flow 4000 m3 / h
Fan diameter 23 cm
Bag diameter 38 cm
Dimensions filter bag 38 cm x 53 cm
Packaging L x W x H 44 x 41 x 42 cm
Net weight 40 kg