Orugaverde Eco-Trimmer

Orugaverde Eco-Trimmer

€ 491.74 (excl. tax)


It is the smallest of our series of trimmers, to lock sitting, and for a rather domestic and specific use, for growers of small plantations, indoors, in pots, in short for the smallest type of plant.

With a 10 mm separation in the grid slots, a powerful motor inside and blades, which will absorb the leaves of your plants towards the interior, leaving the remains of the leaves in a cloth sack at the bottom of the machine.

The legs are removable with a simple wing nut mechanism, to be able to transport it comfortably and to store it in any corner, it also has a carrying bag. Ideal to start testing OrugaVerde machines.

The new green caterpillar machine is specially designed for self-cultivation, a powerful, versatile machine, very easy to use and that will give you excellent results


  • WEIGHT 8 kg.
  • HIGH CM. 58 cm.
  • LENGTH CM. 30 cm.
  • WIDTH CM. 30 cm.
  • LAGO BLADE 26.5 cm
  • GRID CALIBER 10 mm.
  • SOUND LEVEL 30 dB.