Master Trimmer MT TUMBLER 200 & 200 PRO

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EUR 8'200.00

PRO EUR 9'000.00


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Each variety to be processed is different and for this reason, at Master Products, we have decided to manufacture different models of MT Tumbler 200. One with barrel and blade speed regulators, which will allow you to adapt to the conditions of your product and treat each flower differently according to its needs.

Both models are designed for trimming large amounts of cannabis with minimal working space. Its qualities make it an efficient machine with a high quality cut, equal to that of manual cutting. 

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Trimmer + Aspirator All in one

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  • 5 blades that can perform 12,000 cuts in 60 seconds.
  • Equivalent work for up to 10 operators.
  • Flexible stainless steel blade for high precision cutting. 
  • 200 W blade motor.
  • 20 W barrel motor.
  • Works in wet and/or dry conditions.
  • Collection bag made of 140 micron nylon for pollen collection. 
  • Removable electrical part.
  • Speed regulator for the MT Tumbler 200 PRO
  • Completely disassembled in 1 minute!

The cannabis trimmer is capable of processing 12-14 kg per hour, the equivalent of 10 operators. If 14 kg /h isn't enough for you, we recommend pairing three of your MT Tumbler 200s in tandem.

With the tandem of three MT Tumbler 200's, the addition of a rail and conveyor belts we make up the MT Tumbler 200 Full System, a complete production system that will help you achieve an increase in production that can exceed 55 kg/h!

[Translate to English:] Technical data MT TUMBLER 200 & 200PRO

[Translate to English:] Electrical connection 230 V 50/60 Hz
Weight trimmer 33 kg
Weight leaf collector 26 kg
Machine size 76x70x93 cm
Size of pallet 71x56x106 cm
Fresh production 12-24 kg/h
Dry production 3 kg/h
Noise level 85 db
Barrel Stainless Steel 304
Barrel motor 15 W
Barrel speed regulator Yes, for the 200 PRO
Blade Stainless Steel
Blade motor 200 W
Blade speed regulator Yes, for the 200 PRO
5-blade reel Tempered steel
Machine material 304 stainless steel
Leaf collection bag 140 micron nylon mesh
Aspirator Aluminium
Extractable electrical part Yes
Air cooled motor Yes
Security system Yes
Air suction Yes
Warranty 5 years