Argovitec Debudder

CHF 17'500 excl. VAT

The Argovitec Debudder

The portable table model offers two workstations.

The high-performance device for large volumes. Provides you with a 2-workstation machine.

  • CE-certified
  • Field tested and proven in an outdoor use
  • From now on about ODM for buying or renting ready
  • Europe-wide for the manufacturer price!
  • The plants can be processed wet or dry.


The debudder removes the flowers from the stalk.

The stem is passed through the stripper plate with different holes and pulled through the feed unit through the plant. The stripper plate is quickly exchangeable and can be equipped with different stripper plates.

The flowerless stems are executed on the back and can be fed for further processing or collected in a container.


Weight 70 kg
Processing Capability lbs/h 300 wet
L x W x H (cm) 80 x 30 x 60
Volume 130 kg/h
Electricity 220V