Rental machines offer

We offer the following machines for rent:


Machine Type 1-day (EUR) 7-day special (EUR) 10-day special (EUR)
CenturionPro Tabletop195.00146.25126.75
CenturionPro Original340.00255.00 221.00
CenturionPro Gladiator600.00 450.00 390.00
Debudder600.00 450.00 390.00


Machine Type1-day (CHF)4-day special (CHF)5-day special (CHF)Cleaning
TTT 2600250.00200.00175.00100.00
CenturionPro Gladiator500.00450.00425.00150.00
CenturionPro Original300.00250.00220.00100.00
OrugaVerde Rotor200.00170.00150.0075.00
Trimpro Automatik150.00125.00110.0075.00
Trimpro Drypro250.00200.00175.00100.00
OrugaVerde Standart100.0090.0080.0050.00
MT Standart100.0090.0080.0050.00

Prices refer to the respective daily rent approach excl. VAT


  • Consulting
  • Simply calculable
  • Delivery, even on short notice, over weekends or holidays
  • Always perfectly maintained machines
  • No parking space required
  • Incl. instruction
  • All machines are GMP certified (work safety!)
  • No cleaning operations
  • Scalability: Always the right machine to rock!