Rental machines offer

At ODM you can rent the right harvesting machine from Switzerland, Austria or Italy at any time.

Renting machines can save a lot of space, cleaning, transport and spare parts. In addition, there is the advantage of simple calculation, flexibility in machine selection and time saved. Even in this somewhat volatile market, the scalability of the infrastructure and the outsourcing of certain secondary processes is always an interesting option.

Of course, the purchase is cheaper in the long term. But the dirty screws are still as they were after the last harvest, the tumblers stuck together and the blades dull. And the plugs are stuck together, bent and almost torn out. Just visit us for a coffee, leave resin and mechanical problems to us.

We offer the following machines for rent:


Machine Type 1-day (EUR) 7-day special (EUR) 10-day special (EUR)
CenturionPro Tabletop195.00146.25126.75
CenturionPro Original340.00255.00 221.00
CenturionPro Gladiator600.00 450.00 390.00
Debudder600.00 450.00 390.00


Machine Type1-day (CHF)4-day special (CHF)5-day special (CHF)Cleaning
Dry 800750.00700.00675.00150.00
Centurion Gladiator500.00450.00425.00150.00
CenturionPro DBT2350.00300.00275.00100.00
Centurion Original300.00250.00220.00100.00
TTT 2600250.00200.00175.00100.00
Trimpro Drypro250.00200.00175.00100.00
OrugaVerde Rotor200.00170.00150.0075.00
OrugaVerde Pro180.00160.00150.0075.00
Trimpro Automatik150.00125.00110.0075.00
MT Standart 45100.0090.0080.0050.00
OrugaVerde Standart100.0090.0080.0050.00

Prices refer to the respective daily rent approach excl. VAT


  • Consulting
  • Simply calculable
  • Delivery, even on short notice, over weekends or holidays
  • Always perfectly maintained machines
  • No parking space required
  • Incl. instruction
  • All machines are GMP certified (work safety!)
  • No cleaning operations
  • Scalability: Always the right machine to rock!