Years of experience

With many years of experience, the constant contact with numerous machine manufacturers and CBD producers, we have been able to bring together a lot of knowledge.

We would like to make this accessible to you after extensive clarifications. Whatever brand or process you want to track, here are some general information.


It's business as usual to us discussing trends with a variety of customers.

In our all-day delivery we meet our customers in person. Companies of all kinds, as you can imagine. Gardeners, farmers, hobby growers and of course scientists also. So a huge know-how have arisen over the years.


What most agricultural machines are like ...

Various constructions, metal connections and motors. We are your machine freaks of trust. And we're looking for the coolest of developments internationally. At the moment, companies like Centurion, Sunflower Trimmer, Master Products, Twister, DTC and Trimpro the market leaders of CBD Harvesters manufacturers. But there are many more! We also build smaller projects ourselves. In-house as well as with carefully selected, external and well-known companies such as Alcontec and CarbonActive.


We procure our machines internationally.

When transporting, the easiest way is often not the fastest. Not even the most gentle or cheapest. And all together often borders on wishful thinking. This, too, shapes our business every day. We plan that we would also drive ourselves. Our timelines are opening.