CenturionPro XL 10.0

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XL 10.0 Trimmer CP-8300-50

€ 289,995

Commission Credit: €25,000 30% Up-Front Deposit (Non-Refundable) 70% Balance Due Prior to Shipment

  • 5 x 304 Stainless Steel Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumblers
  • 10 x 11-Blade (26") Cutting Reels
  • 5 x 10HP Leaf Collectors with Triple-Bag Kief Collection Systems
  • Control Panel, Food Grade Hopper, Adjustable Base Frame

XL 10.0 Optional Infeed Conveyors (2) CP-8010-50

€ 20,000

XL 10.0 Optional Quality Control Output Conveyor CP-8310-50

€ 10,000

XL 10.0 On-Site Set-Up

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XL MegaBucker CP-8400-50

Commission Credit: €15,000 30% Up-Front Deposit (Non-Refundable) 70% Balance Due Prior to Shipment

  • Four (4) 3-Person Bucker Stations
  • 1 x Variable Speed Infeed Conveyor
  • 2 x Fixed Speed Output Conveyors (Flower/Stems)
  • All-Inclusive System with Towable Trailer

€ 169,995

Meet the latest innovation from CenturionPro Solutions – the XL 10.0! This industrial trimmer is shattering records with its 3,000 lb wet / 600 lb dry hourly processing rate!

A beast of a machine, this system produces 840,000 cuts per minute and can replace 670 human trimmers. The industry leading power of the XL 10.0 provides continuous duty operation and reliability to tackle even the most demanding of harvests. The industry leading processing capability of the XL 10.0 results in a lean workflow with just a single piece of equipment. Compliant with health and safety authorities, the XL 10.0 also comes with our 5 year industrial trimmer warranty.

With variable speed control on all aspects (tumblers, blades, leaf collector and conveyor), available angle adjustments and an adjustable diverter, the XL 10.0 gives you total control over the trimming process. In addition, the kief collection system separates the trim and kief from the bud allowing for further processing and profits.

The complete customizability of this system grants every single grower the ability to fine tune their trimming experience and ensures the perfect trim – every time. Featuring five 1HP motors that drive the blades and tumbler along with five 7.5HP leaf collectors, the XL 10.0 has all the power an industrial cannabis or hemp operation requires. With an intimidating 23 cubic feet of tumbler volume and a powerful 20,000 CFM leaf collector, the XL 10.0 is the next level in trimming automation!