We sell, rent and repair the machine to measure, which supports your harvest.

All brands are at home with us, which can meet the highest demands. Cost-consciousness, performance, certifications, availability, longevity and stability are of great importance in every business. We evaluate running the ...

  • most powerful
  • CE-certified
  • serially produced and available
  • high-high-
  • cost-effective
  • stable
  • cleaning-friendly
  • transport-friendly
  • GMP certified

... CBD harvesters.
Whether dry or wet processing, we have the appropriate machine for your use!

Machines and everything ...

We now also offer tools such as grow LEDs, e.g. scissors!

Soon more harvest equipment will be added. There is a lot in the field test. In addition to mechanical aids, electronic gadgets or promotional applications around your harvest will soon be researched and made available. We are happy to work with so many producers!