Here you will find constantly new, small and handy tools.

The high-quality harvest often still requires manual labor. That's why we've created a small overview here in which you may find something practical and beneficial.

Many such tools are currently in detailed clarifications and tests, etc. There will always be new things in the future. If you want to buy or sell something, please contact us!

The successful harvest is very much influenced by the preparation. This is absolutely crucial. In addition - and this does not change from one day to the next - the preliminary work by hand. We can always put you a machine for the rough work. But the machines can z.Z. no decisions are made about the color, size, moisture and weight of certain flowers. We also support our craftsmen!

Romberg scissors

Needless to say, at the final crop inspection?

For this we recommend a few fundamentally different scissors. Depending on the exercise, habit and taste individual!

To the scissors offer!

Tumbler cleaning brushes

Half clean and cut hands?

Does not have to be! We have several cleaning tips for you. Also all conceivable sizes of brushes, which any tumbler - regardless of the manufacturer - can be swept clean!

Buy Tumbler Cleaning Brushes!

cleaning supplies

Hygiene is the alpha and omega of any grow operation!

Master Products also has a miracle agent available in a handy 1 liter spray can or 5 liter canister.

Get it all clean!