Radical F4 Gabriela

Trimmer Radical F4 Gabriela

EUR 18,000.00 excl. VAT

  • Processing capacity wet 40 - 50 kg / h, dry 20 kg / h
  • made of duralumin “Inox Aisi 304”
  • with 3 cutting knives
  • Tandem can be added with 2 or 3 Radical F4 Gabriela or a Radical F4 Nazareth + Gabriela and harvest up to 50% more material and speed
  • 120 centimeter cut
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Top and side covers enable safe working
  • Radical F4 Gabriela 3 parallel blades maximum cut in just one step
  • Motors are hidden so we can use water pressure without damaging the machine.
  • The slat can be adjusted independently of each other, with the models f4 Gabriela and f4 xl Nazaret also the height of the tube to the slats.
  • It is supplied with wet hose for dry we need to change the hose with narrower slots.
  • Switching the independent safety for the blade on and off
  • Tumbler grooved inox 304 reinforcements in the tips
  • minimal noise of operation
  • Supplied with 4 suction devices that work together with ventilated industrial motors of 3 HP each
  • reduced size for easy portability and mobility
  • independent bags to collect the cut leaves.
  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • Can be dismantled within 1 min
  • Optional with conveyor belt


Input voltage 220V / 50Hz (Europe)  
Power consumption 7kw (Europe)
Bucket motor 3 HP, ventilated
Tubular motor (tumbler) 1.5 HP / 50hz - ventilated
Weight 130 kg
Length 120 cm
Width with wheels 75 cm
Height with wheels 120 cm


Motor power 2.2 HP 220 v / 50 hz
Power consumption 7.5A
Number of bags 1
Suction flow 4000
Weight 120 kg