Master Trimmer MT Tumbler

MT Tumbler

EUR 13'400.00 (excl. VAT)

  • New model to cut in dry and wet, simply by changing the tumbler.
  • New cutting technology of high precisión, MT Tumbler preserves the quality of the flowers just as well as trimming manually.
  • Tumbler made of 304 stainless Steel for use in equipments with cGMP requirements.
  • Reels and Bedknives that give an unbeatable precision cut.
  • 11 self-sharpening blades that perfom 19.250 cuts in 60 seconds.
  • Equipped with easy cutting adjustment system between reel and Blade. Adjustable up to 00,0010mm
  • Blade coated with nonstick fluoropolymer film, suitable for food contact.
  • Powerful motors to achieve máximum performance during many hour of work.
  • We design our machines to be easy to maintain. You will not need tools for the basic maintenance of the machine.
  • Lightweight, robust and stable.
  • Powerful suction equipment included.
  • Technical service at your disposal.

Specs MT Tumbler

Electricity details 800 W / 230V
Electricity details of the vacuum cleaner 1500W / 230V
Machine weight 90 kg
Dimensions of the machine 70 x 80 x 85 cm
Dimensions of the pallet 80 x 110 x 160 cm
Total shipping weight 150 kg
Quantity of blades 11 units
Blade motor power 1 HP / fan cooled
Tumbler motor power 40 W
Sucction power of the vacuum cleaner 1900 cfm/ fan cooled
Working zone 60 cm
Material of the machine Stainless steel
Cuts per second 320 cuts
Adjustable cut height Up to 0,0010 mm
Security system Yes
Vacuum consumption 2 HP. 1500 W
Warranty 5 years

Input conveyer belt

EUR 3416.00 (excl. tax)

Output conveyer belt

EUR 3550.00 (excl. tax)

Dry and wet tumblers

EUR 1174.00 (excl. tax)

Tumbler Specification

  1 Mt Tumbler 2 Mt Tumbler
wet 35-40 kg/h 72-81 kg/h
dry 6-9 kg/h 14-17 kg/h

Rail System

EUR 890.00 (excl. tax)


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