Master Trimmer MT Dry 800

€ 16’000.00 (excl. VAT)

For producers who want dry trimming

The MT Dry 800 is a trimmer designed for dry processing of Cannabis flowers.

This trimmer has been designed for those growers who are looking for a high-quality finish trim with dry flowers and still achieve a high production volume. Its 48cm diameter barrel combined with its 370 W motor and 3 customized speeds, will allow you to reach a production of 45kg/h, being the most capable dry trimmer on the market. 

In addition, it has some details that will increase your production and the operator's safety, such as the possibility of tilting for loading and unloading, the 360º rotating wheels or the emergency stop.

The MT Dry 800 meets the most demanding expectations of growers looking for high volume dry processing, while preserving the highest quality of flowers, without damaging the trichomes or the structure of the processed product. Thanks to an output of 45kg/h and the technological innovations implemented in this model, the result is an efficient, fast and safe machine that guarantees excellent end results.

Processes a large volume with an exquisite finish.

  • 48cm diameter barrel.
  • 370W motor, the most powerful in its market range.
  • Stainless steel structure.
  • Adjustable motor speed with its 3 speeds.
  • Automatic blade tensioning.
  • Blades made of food grade nylon.
  • 25º inclination that allows you to change the inlet/outlet side as required.
  • Stainless steel swivel castors wheels for easy movement.
  • 2 easily interchangeable collection boxes.
  • Up to a production of 45kg/h.
  • Noise level of only 70db.
  • Designed to meet GMP requirements


Thanks to its unique technology, the MT 800 Dry provides a gentle cut, treating dry flowers gently and keeping the quality product like no other. In addition, it has unique features that facilitate product processing and workflow, including:


  1. Front opening to remove the barrel in less than 10 seconds, facilitating cleaning and maintenance without the need for tools, the fastest on the market.
  2. 370 W motor power
  3. Removes the blade without tools in a few seconds 
  4. Automatic blade tensioning, no tools required.
  5. Remove the brush in seconds without tools.
  6. Use it as a pollen extractor

Technical data MT DRY 800

Electrical connection 230 V 50/60 Hz
Motor power 370 W
Machine weight 200 kg
Machine dimensions 142,6 x 76,4 x 151,3 cm
Machine chassis material Stainless steel 304
Barrel diameter 475 mm
Speed regulator 3 speeds
Blade material Food grade nylon
Adjustable inclination 25º
Emergency stop Yes
Safety system Yes
LED operation indicator Yes
GMP compliant Yes
Dry production 45 Kg/h
Decibels 70 dB
Warranty 5 Years