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Henry's Hemp Harvester (HHH)

Henry's Hemp Harvester (HHH) brings an absolute innovation for the harvest of hemp.

With the patented system of stripping chains and traction rollers on a basic model with two units, our system can increase efficiency, increase the acreage and enable a competitive advantage, especially in small and medium-sized businesses. HHH technology makes your hemp farm more independent of weather conditions and the large number of voluntary or paid harvest helpers. The harvester makes flower production competitive in countries with high labor costs!

0.5 hectares per hour!

The HHHarvester gently strips off the flowers of the plant in one operation and cuts the hemp stems.

A patented stripping mechanism is used to deliver the flowers as if picked by hand. The flowers can be collected in a big bag or container, while the hemp stems remain in the field to rot. Depending on the degree of ripeness of the plant at the time of harvest, it is also possible to shake the seeds out in order to achieve triple use of the plant.

HHH - key data

We want to work very closely with our first customers as beta testers and offer an all-round service for spare parts, experience and advice during the harvest in order to achieve the optimal result under the individual conditions.

Advantages of the HHHarvester

  • 0.5 hectares per hour and harvest results like hand-stripped
  • Harvest area up to 200 hectares in a 60-day harvest season (with a double module)
  • Greater independence from weather conditions
  • Precise scheduling of the harvest window
  • Independence from a group of harvest workers
  • Larger batches with a defined and homogeneous cannabinoid composition