DTC Pro EUR 10'500 (excl. VAT)


A trimming machine is a useful device for many, from private gardeners to beer breweries and agricultural businesses.

Whoever considers purchasing such a device will quickly find the DTC Pro. It yields an average of 20 kg per hour and in doing so, takes a lot of work off your hands for a very reasonable price. Dutch Trimming Company in Eindhoven set itself the objective of developing the perfect trimming machine. The DTC Pro does everything you would expect from such a device. Using a 11-dold blade with 19.000 cuts per minute, it has an above-average effective power and above all, it is a clean and oil-free product. As such, the DTC Pro processes your product in a fast, safe, and particularly sustainable way. In addition to the DTC Pro, we will soon be supplying also a smaller version, the DTC Eco. In addition to these superb products, you can always expect outstanding service from us. With our great accessories, a one year warranty and 24 hour delivery of spare parts throughout Europe, Dutch Trimming Company is a wise choice.