CenturionPro XL 5.0

EUR 179,995.00  (excl. VAT)

The CenturionPro Solutions XL 5.0 is the little brother of our XL 10.0 animal.

This smaller version of our industrial trimmer is just as impressive with an hourly processing rate of 1500 lb wet / 300 lb dry! This powerful machine produces 630,000 cuts per minute and can replace 335 human trimmers. The industry leading performance of the XL 5.0 provides continuous operation and reliability to handle even the most demanding harvests. The industry-leading processing capacity of the XL 5.0 results in a lean workflow with just one device. The XL 5.0 complies with the health and safety authorities and offers a 5-year guarantee on industrial trimmers.

With variable speed control in all aspects (tumbler, blades, sheet collector and conveyor), available angle settings and an adjustable deflection, the XL 5.0 offers you complete control over the trimming process. In addition, the kief collection system separates the trim and the kief from the bud, which enables further processing and profits.

The full adaptability of this system allows each producer to fine-tune their trimming experience and ensures perfect trimming at all times. With five 1-horsepower motors that drive the blades and cup, as well as five 4-horsepower leaf collectors, the XL 5.0 has the power that an industrial cannabis or hemp farm needs. With an intimidating volume of 12 cubic feet of tumbler and a powerful sheet collector, the XL 5.0 is the perfect industrial investment!