CenturionPro Rail Systems

Connect CenturionPro Trimmers end-to-end

CenturionPro Rail Systems enable growers to connect CenturionPro Trimmers end-to-end, for an enhanced cannabis and hemp harvesting solution.


Connecting machines delivers exponentially greater power and precision, with growers empowered to better match throughput to grow size and increase capacity as they expand. Through this innovation multiple machines can be controlled by a single user, which treamlines the harvesting process for improved profitability. Double and Triple Rail Systems accommodate two and three machines, respectively. As a result, all CenturionPro Trimmer models are now available as single, double, and triple machine trimming systems.


Rail Trimming System Length Width Height Weight
TableTop Double Machine Rail System 53" 16" 26" 120Lb.
TableTop Triple Machine Rail System 78" 16" 28" 200Lb.
Mini Double Machine Rail System 65" 14" 36" 200Lb.
Mini Triple Machine Rail System 92" 14" 38" 310Lb.
Original Double Machine Rail System 65" 13" 36" 220Lb.
Original Triple Machine Rail System 95" 13" 38" 340Lb.
Gladiator Double Machine Rail System 73" 55" 42" 470Lb.
Gladiator Triple Machine Rail System 105" 55" 42" 690Lb.
3.0 Double Machine Rail System 81" 61" 48" 770Lb.
3.0 Triple Machine Rail System 120" 61" 48" 1,130Lb.