Surya VEG 90

EUR 41.40 (excl. VAT)

The vegetation spectrum

The energy-efficient Surya VEG TUBE LED Grow Lights are ideal for shelf installations and vertical farming.
From seed rearing to cloning, rooting and vegetation.

The Surya VEG Spectrum of the Surya LED Grow Tubes is perfect for the low to medium intensity vegetation period. High "Deep Blue" color components prevent "light fire" and are characterized by high energy efficiency.

The Surya Vegetations range of the Surya VEG Tubes is characterized by its high energy efficiency and Deep Blue color components as well as maximum energy efficiency across the entire spectrum.

13watt. Daisy Chain Option (V2) with up to 10 lamps in series.



Increased germination capacity for plants. Growing from seeds.


Ideal for the development of strong roots.


For biomass growth with short internode distances.

Maximum energy efficiency

Achieve maximum energy efficiency in the vegetative phase at low to medium light intensity with our A ++ certified Surya VEG TUBE LED Grow Lights.



Surya VEG90 Tubes are extremely energy efficient and have been specially developed for vegetative applications.

They are ultra-light, robust and are ideal as a replacement for fluorescent tubes and shelf installation.

lighting design


You need a lighting design concept for homogeneous illumination of 10 or more lamps?
We are happy to advise you on required light levels and spectra.