Horizon AREAS X6 Flex 3.1

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From 3x EUR 1'192.00/pcs. - large quantities on request!

The "Rolls-Royce" among the growlamps, maximum performance, highest efficiency, perfect illumination, low power consumption, minimal heat development and flexible 2-channel spectrum. K1: 2 slip spectra 8-core and 660nm / K2: 660nm / 735nm

  • 10-100% dimmable (electronically integrated)
  • Both channels are infinitely adjustable
  • White SMD (8-core blue +)
  • Each channel has an independent circuit (better efficiency / lifetime)
  • 460 watts / 400-700nm module efficiency 3.33umol / J, replace about 1000 watts NDL
  • Module efficiency channel 2 380-780nm 3.52 umol / J
  • 1530 umol / s
  • 100% aluminum
  • 110 x 105 x 5 cm
  • About 14 kg
  • 3 years full warranty (5 years on built-in ballast)
  • The chips set new standards in the field of plant spectrum and are much more powerful and available exclusively in the Horizon models. The basic materials are assembled by a company specializing in high performance and Horti LED.

The areas are suitable for all applications with a minimum distance of 15 cm. Their main field of application is the tent or floor cultivation.