Trimmer and Buckers

Bud peelers and branch separators.

For the past 7 years, OrugaVerde has made every effort to improve and perfect Caterpillar Green machines. More aerodynamic blades have been redesigned and made quieter. A new trimmer was also released, with a wider blade than the small eco-trimmer, in addition to the first model of a branch and shoot separator, the Multi-Bucker. All machines are designed and manufactured for a long service life due to their high-quality materials and offer you our maintenance service for your Caterpillar Green machine. The multi-trimmer models (interchangeable grids according to plant size) have also been renewed with new grids and more effective shovels

OrugaVerde guarantee

All machines have a two-year guarantee.

OrugaVerde makes machines that work hard and last a long time.