Master Trimmer


The medical cannabis harvesting equipment manufactured by MasterProducts has been designed for processing medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

Our equipment for the harvest of medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp offer maximum performance and quality with minimal maintenance for small and medium growers, as well as large industrial producers. Our machines are manufactured in Europe with the most stringent quality controls, and will reduce the costs of trimming, bucking and deseeding of cannabis flowers.


A leader must open new frontiers. In MasterProducts the constant research, development and innovation not only lead to the continuous improvement of our cannabis trimmers, but they have allowed us to create MasterSeeds.


With MasterProducts you will save costs without affecting the quality of the result. Improve your production speed by reducing processes of days or weeks, to a few hours.


Made in Europe and put through rigorous quality controls. When acquiring MasterProducts you are investing in years of reliability. We want to transmit our trust and commitment, so all our equipment is covered by a 5 year warranty.