From private gardeners to beer breweries and agricultural companies, a cutting machine is a handy device for many.

Anyone who thinks about purchasing such a device will soon end up with the DTC Pro. This delivers an average of 20 kg per hour and thus takes a lot of work off your hands for a very reasonable price. Dutch Trimming Company in Eindhoven has set itself the goal of developing the perfect cutting machine. The DTC Pro does everything you can expect from such a device. With an 11-fold knife with 19,000 cuts per minute, the DTC Pro has above-average effective power, while still being a clean and oil-free product. This way your product is processed in a fast, safe and, above all, sustainable way. In addition to the DTC Pro, we will soon be delivering a smaller version, the DTC Eco. In addition to these fantastic products, you can always expect excellent service from us. With attractive accessories, a one-year warranty and 24-hour delivery of spare parts throughout Europe, Dutch Trimming Company is a wise choice.

Do you want the power of the DTC Pro, but in a more convenient format? Then choose the DTC Eco. This smaller and cheaper version is ideal for private gardeners who need the same cutting power, but have to deal with less horticultural space. The DTC Eco offers you all the benefits of the DTC Pro in a more compact device.


The DTC Eco consists of two parts: an extraction system and a cutting machine (trimming machine), whereby the cutting machine is placed on top of the extraction system.

During the cutting process, the leaves are neatly collected by a collection bag that is attached to the extraction system. Thanks to a large-diameter drum and a knife with eleven blades, the DTC Eco is able to process an average of 10 kilos of fresh produce per hour. A new option is that a dry product drum can also be ordered. The weight of the extraction system is 25 kilos and the machine itself weighs 30 kilos. This makes the combi easy to move. The total machine is 100 cm high and 50 cm wide, including a collection bag of 100 cm deep. The whole works on 220 volts and 12 amps.