Machine design can make or break the success of a trimming machine, and its ability to produce quality finished product hour after hour.

Blade surface area refers to the cutting area available on a trimming machine. To put it simply - the more blades and reel length a machine has, the more cutting surface there is.
Blade surface area is important for reducing the amount of time your flowers spend in the machine, while also maximizing the number of cuts and closeness of those cuts.




Every CenturionPro machine features a blade surface area ranging from 15” for the Table Top Pro all the way up to 78“ in The CenturionPro 3.0. More blade surface area means more cuts!

The CenturionPro 3.0, completely outdoes the competition thanks to its 78” of total blade surface area - in just one machine! That is more than triple of any other single machine from the nearest competitor, and at a much more affordable price. This produces more cuts and results in higher processing capacity and a better quality trim job.


The tumbler diameter is quite simply the diameter of the tumbler where product is fed through for the cutting process. You might not think diameter would be that important to speed, but it is. The larger the diameter of the tumbler, the more flower it can handle during the trimming process. This determines how quickly a machine can produce high quality, trimmed flowers.

As the tumbler should only be 50-60% full when processing to allow flowers to be properly turned and cut; a few extra inches can make a big difference in the amount of flowers in the tumbler at one time. A larger tumbler diameter ensures our trimmers trim more than any other machine on the market.

CenturionPro tumblers also have a Quantanium non-stick coating. Unlike competitors machines, which often employ the use of non-stick sprays that can damage and contaminate the flower, the Quantanium coating does not require any spray. Overall, this results in 40% greater trichome preservation than the competition. This means better quality flowers with a stronger aroma and taste. CenturionPro also offers stainless-steel tumblers in order to meet the needs of licensed producers looking for medical-grade machines.


The purpose of the leaf collector on CenturionPro machines is to pull the unwanted leaf into the blades to be trimmed off by creating suction. This suction pulls the flowers tight against the edge of the tumbler, where they can be trimmed by the blades as they make their way through the machine.

When the machine does not have proper suction, the machine becomes useless. Proper suction is required to pull the flowers against the blades to achieve the tightest possible cut, providing a product comparable to hand trimming. Without proper suction, the flowers may require manual trimming to clean-up the missed leafs after it has moved through the trimming machine. When a trimming machine fails to have adequate suction, it essentially defeats the purpose of having a machine in the first place.

Centurion Pro leaf collectors, combined with our diverters, gives full control over every cubic foot of suction. Our machines are the only ones in the industry to come with this diverter, allowing growers to manage the suction and flow of their machines. Whether you are working with wet or dry product or the lightest, most airy flowers to the heaviest and densest product, our diverter ensures a perfect cut and optimal results - every time.


The purpose of a hopper is to contain the flower before its pushed through into the tumbler of the machine to be trimmed. These hoppers are designed for convenience and ease of operations thanks to their ability to speed up the harvesting process and make it easier to feed the machine consistently.

CenturionPro Solutions offers the highest capacity hoppers in the industry. This is important for both ease of feeding the machine as well as to leverage the impressive processing capacity that each of our models has to offer. Every CenturionPro machine, from our smallest Tabletop Pro to our industrial sized Centurion 3.0, comes inclusive with the largest hoppers in the industry.

Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler

This tumbler replaces our old two tumbler system, which included one tumbler for wet trimming and one tumbler for dry trimming using different slot patterns.

After extensive testing, we've determined that our new Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler is better at trimming wet than our old wet tumbler and better at trimming dry than our old dry tumbler. As a result, effective immediately, all orders will now be automatically upgraded for free to our new Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumblers. Customers will still receive the same number of tumblers as before (double set). This will additionally improve productivity by reducing downtime for cleaning. Just swap out your tumbler and keep on running.



CenturionPro Solutions prides itself on manufacturing top-of-the-line automated trimming equipment. This is why our machines are manufactured with only the highest quality components and design to make them the top rated trimmers in the market today. Every component from our cutting reel to our non-stick tumblers, powerful leaf collectors, unique diverters and high capacity hoppers work together to provide the best trimming experience possible.